Lobby Lounge

The bright, modern lobby lounge just recently opened in July 2013.

Light breakfast

Breakfast is served in our comforting lounge that is lit brightly by the morning sun. Our free breakfast service features a selection of drinks, breads, and more. This is a western-style breakfast but we also provide chopsticks for people who wish to use them. Time/7:00-9:00

Free services

While resting in the lobby lounge, enjoy coffee and tea offered free of charge. We also offer free ice cream that we recommend enjoying after bathing. Time/7:00-9:00

The Inn’s bath

Release your daily stress by bathing in our relaxing water flowing directly from the hot spring source.
[Separate baths for men and women] Men – 1, Women - 1
[Spring properties] Acidic, containing sulfur, aluminum, sulfate, chloride
[Benefits] Nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, skin ailments, shoulder stiffness, bruises, sprains, illness recovery, fatigue recovery, health promotion, chronic gynecological illnesses, diabetes, high blood pressures, arteriosclerosis


Towels, bath towels, hand bags, samue (our inn does not offer yukata), tooth brush, razor, tabi socks, bathing basket (you can use the basket to walk around the town.)

Samue are placed in your rooms. We have a wide variety of sizes to fit everyone from small children to large adults to choose the perfect size.

Rental powered-assist bicycles

Yoshinoya offers fee-based rental of powered-assist bicycles to help you travel between gift shops, restaurants, and strolling to nearby sites.
*Service may not be available during the winter or during bad weather.

Rental fees/2-hours: 1,000 yen, extensions for 400 yen per hour (Guests staying at Yoshinoya are offered a half-price discount)

Check-in: 3:00pm Check-out: 10:00
We offer free parking near the inn for inn guests. Guests may park free of charge up to 12:00pm on the day of check-out.