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Two minute walk from our inn. The yubatake, located in the center of the onsen town, is a symbol of the Kusatsu Onsen. 4,000 liters of spring water is drawn up each minute and with it comes the natural steam from the hot spring. The area around the yubatake is a featuring tiled roads, stone fences, benches, and other elements that further accentuate the onsen experience.
Recently completed in 2013, the community bath Gozanoyu offers two types of onsen for you to enjoy. During the Edo and Meiji periods, the Five Springs of Kusatsu (Gozanoyu, Takinoyu, Washinoyu, Nishikinoyu, and Kakkenoyu) were popular as a collective healing spot for visitors. That Gozanoyu has been rebuilt into two types, Yubatake and Bandai. Both of these natural running springs can be enjoyed at the same bath.
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Kusatsu 95, Kusatsu-machi,
Agatsuma-gun, Gunma 377-1711, JAPAN

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